Planning Regs & InFO

Gates & Railings

Despite common misconceptions there are a few planning regulations that need to be taken in to account when choosing your gates & railings.

They aren’t hugely restrictive to anything other than height and if necessary, planning permission can be applied for via your local council.

Plnning Regulation Height Restrictions for Railings & Gates (Essex Artisan Ltd).png


Any railings, gates or barriers with in 2 metres of a public highway or any footpath of such highway must be less than 1 metre in height. If you wish to have your railings or gate higher than 1 metre you will need to apply for planning permission.

If you have existing gates or railings that are above the 1 metre height then you can replace/renew with out re-applying for planning, provided you don’t increase its height.

Listed Buildings

You will need to apply for planning permission:

  • If your property is a listed building or in the curtilage of a listed building

  • if your railings, gate or other form of boundary involved, forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage.

Conservation Areas

If your property is in a conservation area you may need permission to take down existing railings, gates or barriers.

Find out more about conservation areas and when planning permission may be necessary