ornate metal gate
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Metal Garden Gate

For this very happy client, we designed, fabricated and installed a metal garden gate with ornate detailing and a mesh panel.

Tailored to the clients, for this gate, we fabricated an intricate metal pattern into three sections of the gate. For these sections, the clients chose an ornate leaf and branch pattern to reflect the location of the gate.

In addition, we also fitted a mesh panel and combination lock. The mesh panel added privacy without compromising the style of the gate. The combination lock was added to secure the gate and increase its useability.

Made to fit into an archway, the top was curved to blend into the gap seamlessly.

finally, this ornate metal gate was powder coated in satin black paint. The powder-coated paint is rich in zinc, preventing rusting and increasing the metal’s lifespan.

ornate metal gate
Back garden gate with ornate metal detailing and mesh privacy panel.

Adding a gate to your property is a cost-effective way to increase privacy, security and style. Whether you want a traditional, modern or bespoke look, we can create the perfect match.

We can also revamp and perfect your existing gate with our metal detailing and painting services. Contact us today, and a team member can give you a quote and advice on what we can offer you.

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Essex Artisan

Essex Artisan

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ornate metal gate